I Heart Books

When I was nine years old I went to the “picture show” (back then that is what we called the movies) to see  Gidget.  It was the one where, during a summer, Gidget discovers surfing and love, in that order.  Being nine, at the time, I was not that interested in her falling in  love but I was amazed at the way she learned how to surf.  I can still picture her carefully balancing herself on her bed while standing on a  surfboard  with an open book in  hand.  She was learning surfing moves and techniques from that book! I remember thinking, “Wow!  You can learn how to surf from a book?”  It was at that moment I realized the value of books and how they could enrich my life.


3 thoughts on “I Heart Books

  1. ritcheymer says:

    That is so sweet and touching, it inspires me to read more books! Thanks for writing that and posting that picture.
    Maria Ritchey

  2. Julie says:

    Marcia,’I love your creativity! I heart you dear friend!

  3. Marcie says:

    Such a creative image! Love the light..and your sweet and touching post about your childhood memories!!!

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