Come Celebrate!

Last night my oldest, creative, and hostess-with-the-mostest daughter, Emily, provided a Valentine dinner and craft time for Harrison and three of his pre-school friends.  I was there to capture pictures of the little cherubs as they celebrated in fun, and from all the laughter and squeals it was “loudly” obvious that they were having a great time.   At times when their vocal expressions were at a high pitch and the “me first/that’s mine” factor would raise it’s ugly head, I would look at my daughter and think….I know exactly what she is thinking right now!    Yes, she was thinking… Why did I do this?   I can tell you why she did it.  She loves them, and she wants to instill in her children the value of friendship and hospitality. And I might add that I think she is doing a great job!  Click on my video page to view a video slideshow of some of the photos I took.  They look so calm in these pictures!!!!


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