Ornamental Penmanship

Recently, my sister and I were looking through an old scrapbook album that had belonged to an aunt, and  as we poured over each page we discovered many little treasures about our ancestors, one of them being the above drawing.  This ornamental drawing was penned by my Great Grandfather, Remus Edward Gilmore, born April 25, 1872.  By profession he was a teacher and he taught in a two room school-house.

I did a little research on ornamental penmanship and found that during 1850-1925 this skill was valued as highly as education or computer skills are today.  It is obvious to me, that through his skillful hand, the pen became an instrument of beauty.


One thought on “Ornamental Penmanship

  1. Marcie says:

    I’ve heard of ornamental penmanship. It’s an artform all of its own and unto itself. So great that you found this. Some things should never be forgotten!!

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